.NET and C# Versions - 20th Anniversary ♥

.NET and C# versions - 20th Anniversary ♥

Notes and Disclaimers

  • Based on the wikipedia drawing of .NET Framework versions.
  • A lot of details are missing such is the art of summarizing.
  • A lot of alternative .NET Runtimes are missing; Mono, Silverlight etc.
  • Errors are probably present and in addition there are discrepancies between sources and could not double check everything.
  • Features depicted as part of a version are probably not always representative. Additionally, there is no consistency in highlighted features since often more about what else was in a release. Some releases have a lot of new features while others not, but instead focus on performance or similar. So don’t judge a release only on new features.
  • No room to mention all the amazing performance improvements.
  • .NET is not just C# and a given C# version is not constrained to a given .NET release. For example, C# 10 can be used to target .NET Framework 4.5. Some newer features may not work or require adding a bit of attribute code in that case.