Software engineer and craftsman at heart with a passion for core components development, performance and machine learning. I have a Masters degree in Computer Vision and Graphics and +20 years hands on experience in designing and implementing algorithms, working systems and machine learning pipelines.

Responsible for many software components and tools used by skilled co-workers. Relentless pursuer of reducing friction and improving quality and process by adopting modern development practices. Programmer - with a love for .NET/C# ❤.

A few more points about me 😀:

  • I have been programming since I was a kid. In C++ for +20 years and C# for +12 years (as of 2020).
    • The first computer my family got was from Atari and was the kind that had an accompanying book with programs you could type in. When we wanted to play a game we, therefore, had to type it first. My very first programming experience.
    • Next we, of course, got a Commodore 64, which I still own 😁. Commodore 64 similar to mine ;)
  • I love reading about CPU, GPU, TPU (xPUs) architectures and ISAs (❤ Agner Fogs ForwardCom). Always looking forward to new CPU/GPU/SOC reviews on Anandtech.
  • Listed as “Inspiring Open Source Contributor” on Adam Sitnick’s awesome .NET performance list 👍.
  • I have contributed a bit to a few different repositories. Among others dotnet/coreclr, dotnet/corefx (now superceeded by the unified dotnet/runtime), dotnet/performance and microsoft/onnxruntime.
  • I always assemble my own developer PC.
  • Dark mode always.

For questions, comments, opportunities and more feel free to contact me via direct message on twitter or email me at [domain name without www] at googles thingy dot com. 😉